5 Ways to Make the Benefits of Your Massage Last Longer

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At our Oakville Massage, Physio and Foot Care Clinic, patients access Massage Therapy for a variety of reasons; whether is be for tight neck and back muscles, to help relieve tension headaches, while recovering from joint replacement surgery to work on scar tissue,  frozen shoulder, or simply to help with relaxation and to decrease stress. When you are leaving your Massage Therapy treatment you will normally be given a set of instructions specific to you to help the benefits of your massage treatment last even longer.

Here are 5 ways to help make the benefits of massage last longer.
1. Postural Awareness

Many issues related to tension, tightness and repetitive strain are caused by positions we are in for hours at a time or repeat over and over. Often times these positions are less than ideal, for example hunching over a computer all day, doing a repetitive gripping activity, doing a repetitive lifting activity. Your Massage therapist will likely give you education in the best ways to sit and work to help optimize and maintain your treatment.

2. Stretches

Your Massage Therapist may provide you with stretches to help with musclTennis player doing mobility exercises from a Oakville Physio clinice imbalances and to maintain the length in some of the muscles they worked on with you. They will tell you how long to hold the stretch and how often to perform it.

3. Self Myofascial Techniques

You may receive instructions after your massage related to the use of tools to maintain the looseness in an area. These can include large elastics, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, golf balls etc.

4. Heat

The use of heat like a plug in hot pack or a microwavable can be helpful in maintaining circulation and increasing blood flow to an area. Your Massage Therapist may advise you to time your heating strategically prior to your exercises if appropriate.

5. Relaxation Techniques

Stress plays a large role in muscle tension for many people as well as experience of pain. Stress releases stress hormones in our body that can worsen our experience of pain. Relaxation techniques can help with stress as well as pain levels. Taking a warm bath, going for a walk, spending time with friends as well as guided relaxation techniques can be helpful.

Remember that not all of these suggestions may be appropriate for you depending on why you are seeking Massage treatment. It is best to speak with your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or your Physiotherapist regarding the best follow-up care for your particular case.

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