5 things Physiotherapists Treat that you wouldn’t think of…

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When you hear the work “Physiotherapist”, many people think of a few common things:

  • Sports Injuries – for example, sprained ankles, and strained muscles.
  • Post Surgical Care – after ACL reconstruction, joint replacements.
  • Post Fracture Care – once getting the cast off and starting to move, it is helpful to have Physiotherapy for optimal recovery.
  • Repetitive Injuries – such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow.

Senior doing Physiotherapy and strengthening in Oakville, Bronte to help with arthritis and injury

Physiotherapists graduate from school well versed in multiple areas of practice. This includes Orthopaedic issues and Sports injuries as outlined above, but also neurological disorders, cardio-respiratory concerns, Paediatric Physio.

Some things that Outpatient Physiotherapists may treat that you wouldn’t expect include:

TMJ (Jaw) Issues

Whether it’s related to injuries sustained in a car accident or fall or from clenching the jaw, Physiotherapists can treat TMJ issues. They would assess the joint just like other joints, They would assess the mobility of the joint and the surrounding structures. You Physio would also provide follow up education and exercises to help you progress and maintain positive changes.

Vestibular Concerns (dizziness)

Dizziness can be caused by many factors. Part of the Physiotherapists role is to work with your Physician to assess the cause. The other part is to help provide the best treatment. This usually includes education as well as specific exercises.

Bell’s Palsy

When the facial nerve is affected the muscles that it connects to can also be affected. Early Physiotherapy intervention for Bell’s Palsy can help decrease symptoms and return function to the affected muscles.


Many people contact a Physiotherapist to help “put out fires”. It tends to be a reactive action rather than a proactive in some cases. Leaving general aches and pains can allow them to progress. Physiotherapists will often be sought out by a person once their pain or issue interferes with an activity that is important in their lives.

Seeing a Physiotherapist prior to a surgery, such as joint replacements or prior to starting a new activity or season of sport can be helpful in recovery and injury prevention.

Pelvic Health Issues

While currently we do not treat pelvic health issues internally, there are Physiotherapists who have extra training. They may suggest doing so when it is appropriate.

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