4 Reasons why a Massage is great year end teachers gift!

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We see many teachers throughout the year at our Oakville clinic for Physio, Massage Therapy, and even Chiropody services. Teaching can be a surprisingly physical occupation with some ergonomic challenges. This is the time of year that parents are scrambling to find a special gift for those teachers who have gone above and beyond and helped their child shine!

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 Here are 5 reasons why Massage Therapy is a great year end teachers gift!
  1. Bending forward to help students. Teachers that teach younger children tend to bend forward repetitively to help with their work. As much as we try to educate our patients to squat, have the students bring their work up to them or use a chair, we know it may not be feasible. Many teachers have low back pain from bending forward repeatedly. Massage can help sooth the low back muscles and the Massage Therapist can teach some gentle stretches and movements to help.
  2. Those darn mini chairs. Teachers, Eductional Assistants (EAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) know what we’re talking about. It can be rare to find an adult sized chair, especially if you change classrooms or have more than one teacher in a room.
  3. Writing on the board. Yes, many classrooms have smartboard technology, but many teachers still use the good old fashioned chalkboards. This can put strain on the shoulder and on the neck if you’re doing this for longer periods if time over the course of the school year.
  4. STRESS! Last But not least the Stress (some) students cause teachers. Let’s be honest, no child is perfect (except yours). A good teacher actually has concern for your child, they want to see them progress and grow throughout the year. If you put together a few students who are “strong-willed” in one class that can become a difficult year for that teacher.

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