Don’t let your feet be out of sight-out-of mind!

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Out of sight, out of mind. That is often what happens with the health of our feet. While many people put in an effort to be mindful of their health, our feet are often the most neglected area of our body. Apart from serious injuries to the feet or severe pain, the feet can be quite easy to overlook. Many people adopt a “wait and see” approach when it comes to the feet and other aches and pains, waiting until it becomes a larger issue before seeking the help of a Chiropodist. Are more frequent footcare checks from a Chiropodist something more people should consider?

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Often foot problems come and go. Pain the the feet, ankles or big toes can occur with changes to activity or footwear. Many issues that affect our feet can wax and wane and develop over time. People often come into our clinic with something they’ve noted occurring over time and now it is significantly worse.  When a problem has developed over a longer period of time or a person has waited until it’s worse, the problem may take longer to help.

Take for example warts and plantar warts. Many people may not realize they have an issue, or what it is. They may not seek attention until it is larger or uncomfortable. There are multiple ways the Chiropodist can help with warts. It depends on the type, the location and what a person willing to do for treatment. You Chiropodist will discuss all of your options at your initial assessment.

A different example of this is bunions. Bunions typically occur at the base of our big toes. When our big toe starts to angle outward, toward the other toes. Bunions can also occur on the baby toe, with the toe angling towards the big toes. Bunions can occur due to improper footwear as well as genetics. They gradually worsen and many people doesn’t notice them or take action until they are self-conscious as to the appearance or they become painful. Bunions can be managed through custom orthotics, proper footwear, braces, taping and exercises provided by your Chiropodist to help prevent or slow down the progression.

Overpronation, or flat feet is also a problem that can progress over time. In some cases it can even be linked to bunions. When you roll over the inside of the foot or fall into the arches we load into the inside of the big toe.  This can affect our bodies in different ways over time. It means the foot may not be accepting for in the same way, affecting out bones and joints. It can affect our knees, knee caps, hips and backs. It’s important to have a proper base of support to operate from.

It is even more important for someone who does not have good sensation in the feet to keep their feet healthy. Small issues can quickly become serious, even dangerous issues when it comes to ulcers, pressure sores, ingrown toenails and any infection. It is important to routinely check the bottoms of your feet and in between your toes for redness or skin break down and have it addressed as soon as possible.

It is important to address problems before they become larger issues for you, when it comes to your feet. As with other issues in your body, don’t wait until it affects activities you enjoy or activities of daily living. Chiropodists are essential in helping you with these issues at early stages to help prevent them from worsening.

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