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Meditating in nature, relaxation and stress-management strategies at Oakville Physiotherapy Clinic.

Our Oakville Physiotherapy and Wellness clinic is happy to have Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Jennifer as part of our team. She’s so passionate about Yoga but also movement in general and the general and mental health benefits that it can bring. She is excited to share her skills and passion for Yoga to the Oakville, Milton and Burlington communities. Our front desk, Physio’s and Massage Therapists have received many questions regarding the specifics of this service so we have decided to host an open house Saturday February 13th where people from the surrounding community can pop in, meet Jennifer and ask away!

Below is a small blurb from Jennifer describing what brought her to focus her Yoga teaching practice on one-on-one Yoga Therapy:

As a yoga teacher and practitioner, I have experienced first hand the physical and mental benefits that yoga provides.  However, last year I began to experience chronic injuries from a job which required me to sit hunched over for many hours a day as well as some repetitive strain from physical activity.  It began to negatively impact my life and my practice.  As a relax with a massage in Oakvilleresult of this, I became interested in how yoga could be used as medicine to heal the body and along with it, the nervous system and the mind.

I began to read everything I could on the subject, and took training programs with experts to learn how to heal myself and others using yoga as a tool.  The results for me have been astounding. Often, the pain is not where the problem is, as I discovered when I began using therapeutic yoga treatment on myself. My hips became more limber in addition to reduced pain in my upper body and neck.  Now, I have improved movement in two areas of my body just by moving properly in one.  The applications are endless.
Yoga therapy can work in conjunction with conventional medicine, or other therapists you are seeing.  What’s the difference? Therapeutic sessions take into account deep-seated or underlying causes of illness or pain and seek to bring ease and peace into your life as well as treating your physical condition. This incorporates calming the nervous system to allow space for healing, deep relaxation, yoga poses adapted to your specific issue, visualization techniques, breath work and more.  A session may involve all of these things or focus on one, depending what it is YOU need and are comfortable with.  Yoga Therapy or Therapeutic Yoga is accessible for everyone, you do not need to know how to do yoga to benefit from a session.  Alternatively, if you are looking to make your way back to yoga after an injury, then this is a great place to start!
I am happy to meet with anyone who is interested or has questions to discuss if this is a good fit for you.  Call the office to set up an appointment or consultation, or come by our open house this Saturday February 13th beginning at 11am.  I look forward to bringing more ease to your life!
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